UWC is currently aiming to plant local churches in more then 65 nations.

Churches exist on four continent. 

Look for your country in the list and find contact info for your local church.

Is your church not listed, provide us with the information and we will place your church on the list. SIGN UP here!


  • Botswana

    Email: botswana@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Burundi

    Email: burundi@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Cameroon

    Email: cameroon@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Congo

    Email: congo@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Ghana

    Email: ghana@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Ivorycoast

    Email: ivorycoast@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Kenya

    Email: kenya@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Nigeria

    Email: nigeria@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Rwanda

    Email: rwanda@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Southafrica

    Email: southafrica@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Swaziland

    Email: swaziland@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Uganda

    Email: uganda@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:


  • Armenia

    Email: armenia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • India

    Email: india@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Indonesia

    Email: indonesia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Kuwait

    Email: kuwait@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Malaysia

    Email: malaysia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Srilanka

    Email: srilanka@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Thailand

    Email: thailand@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:


  • Cyprus

    Email: cyprus@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Denmark

    Email: denmark@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Estonia

    Email: estonia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Finland

    Email: finland@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • France

    Email: france@unitedworldofchristians.com Website: www.
  • Germany

    Email: germany@unitdworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Italy

    Email: italy@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Norway

    Email: norway@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Russia

    Russia, Central west / Email: russia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Spain

    Email: spain@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Sweden

    Email: sweden@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Switzerland

    Email: switzerland@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • UK

    Email: uk@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Ukraine

    Email: ukraine@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:


  • Canada

    Email: canada@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Trinidadandtobago

    Email: trinidadandtobago@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • USA

    Email: usa@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:


  • Argentina

    Email: argentina@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Brazil

    Email: brazil@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • Venezuela

    Email: venezuela@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:


  • Australia

    Email: australia@unitedworldofchristians.com Website:
  • New Zealand

    Email: newzealand@unitedworldofchristians.com Website: